Nightshift – Lofi Hip Hop


“Nightshift – Lofi Hip Hop is an extensive sound bank, ideal for those who adore soul and jazz vibes mixed with dusty hip-hop beats.

Inspired by the cozy vibes of 24/7 chilled YouTube streams, beats to study to and jazzy hip-hop vibes, this beautiful library shows a plethora of samples just waiting to be chopped up and worked into your new beats!

Whether you are headed down a lofi hip-hop path or into a jazzy jungle, Nightshift – Lofi Hip Hop gives you the tools necessary to lay down chilled out melodies without ever touching a piano!”

Product Detail:

“Loops (153):
8 x Bass
79 x Drums
24 x Effected Keys
3 x Flutes
1 x Guitar
39 x Keys”
100% Royalty-Free
Key Signature

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