Solitude & Amplitude


‘Solitude & Amplitude’ by Osaka Sound captures the essence of Chillout Hip Hop, instantly transcending your beats into a lucid state.

Inspirational melodies, vinyl textures, and live-recorded artifacts are some of the elements that conform the beating heart of this emotional pack.

‘Solitude & Amplitude’ brings the nostalgic character of vintage instrumentation and sampling techniques to reflect and resemble the 90s pre-internet era, when MIDI was alive and manga comics were found spread through the room of any teenager.

Product Detail:

Atmosphere (4)
Bass (14)
Drums (34)
Guitars (14)
Keys (17)
SFX – Cinematic (14)
SFX – Musical (1)
Vocals (8)
Drums (24)
Wav files
Key Signature

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