Sushi – Lofi Beats


‘Sushi – Lofi Beats’ by Osaka Sound is a meticulously crafted sample collection that combines outer space melodies with the dusty imperfections of Lofi Hip-Hop. Jam-packed with the sweetest sounds and loops, this library offers a huge array of mellow chords, sonically balanced drum loops, vibey sub basslines and textures with warm, tape-like timbre.

‘Sushi – Lofi Beats’ is the perfect library for those producers who are looking for authentic vibes in their production. Inspired by the sound of bsd.u, Jar Jar Jr, or YouTube channels like ChilledCow, STEEZYASFUCK, Chillhop Music, or Ambition, this sound library is ideal for those wanting to make easy listening head-nodding music.

Product Details:

14 Bass
72 Drums
9 Guitars
21 Keys
Wav files
Key Signature

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